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  1. Q
    1. Why does a paper cup need coating?


    A paper cup is lined with coating to prevent liquid from leaking or soaking through the paper.

  2. Q
    2. What kind of material are rePAPER’s coatings, RP-series, …


    rePAPER’s products are lined with RP-series that are mainly based on acrylate. On the other hand, most of conventional food-contact paper containers are lined with PE, Polyethylene. 

  3. Q
    3. What makes rePAPER’s products distinctive from others?


    rePAPER's products are 1. recyclable, 2. compostable, 3. thermostable, and 4. harmless to humans

  4. Q
    4-1. How are rePAPER’s products recyclable?


    To be recycled, it is important for paper products to be *disintegrated. RP-coated products are well-disintegrated and evenly spread with fibers in water when repulping. All the papers and certification bodies confirm that rePAPER's products are completely recyclable.

    * Please go to REPA Inside > Recyclable for more information.

    * disintegration: the process of one thing splits into tiny pieces and loses its original form.  

  5. Q
    4-2. How are rePAPER's products waterproof and disintegrated…


    Being waterproof and well-disintegrated in repulping process are different features.

    ​RP-series form a barrier film once completely dried and it makes paper products waterproof. When recycled, however, paper products undergo the repulping process with shear stress applied. RP-coated products are fully disintegrated and disperse with paper pieces in water.

  6. Q
    5. Are rePAPER’s products compostable?


    Yes, they are. rePAPER’s products are certified as compostable with positive results from composting and toxicity tests.

    * Please go to REPA Inside > Compostable for more information.

  7. Q
    6. Are rePAPER’s products thermostable?


    Yes, they are. RP-series were tested to find the coating layers are stable under high temperature. RP-coated products are microwave-safe(max. 5 min./1000w) and ovenable at the

    temperature of 200℃.

    * Please go to 'REPA Inside > Microwavable' for more information.

  8. Q
    7. Are rePAPER’s products harmless to humans?


    Yes, they are. All of the rePAPER's products are proven to be safe as primary food contact packaging. 

    * Please go to REPA Inside > Harmless for more information.

  9. Q
    8. Are rePAPER’s products grease resistant?


    Yes, they are. RP-series are not only waterproof but also prevent oil or grease to penetrate into paper. 

  10. Q
    9. When recycled, what kinds of products can be made?


    rePAPER’s products become recycled paper through repulping process. The paper then be made into various packaging, tissue, notes, boxes and etc. 

  11. Q
    10. Are rePAPER’s producte made of recycled paper?


    No. Currently, all of RP-coated products are used as primary food packaging. Thus, only the paper form virgin pulp is used for hygiene.  

  12. Q
    11. Standards of envrionment-friendly food packaging


    Environment-food packaging should be complied with international standard of ISO 18601 in general. After usage, it should be either reusable (ISO 18603) or recoverable in forms of material recycling, energy recovery, or organic recycling as stated in ISO 18604, 18605, and 18606 respectively. rePAPER's products meet the requirement of material recycling and organic recycling.

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